Fuel Doctor Scotland

Have you applied the wrong fuel to your vehicle? Don’t touch the ignition. Give us a call. Wrong Fuel Repair Scotland has a nationwide 24/7 response. We aim to provide you roadside assistance and advice to your wrong fuel woes. With multiple vans and technicians scattered all around Scotland, we aim to come to your rescue within the hour. On site fuel drains will significantly reduce delays & costs.

24/7 Immediate Rescue Response

Wrong Fuel Drainer Scotland is a nationwide, fully 24/7 rapid response wrong fuel drain recovery service. If you’ve accidentally put in the wrong fuel, we’ll get you up and running with no worries. Whether you’re stuck at the side of the road or in the middle of nowhere, we can definitely send our team to your rescue. Wrong Fuel Drainer Scotland works with a response time of 1 hour and provides you with fast roadside assistance. Depending on your vehicle, it takes an average of 35 minutes to drain the wrong fuel from your car. We will drain your vehicle of incorrect fuel before adding the correct fuel so don’t panic, we’re here to help you get back on the road. Our on-site fueling will save you time and money. Call us now.

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We offer nationwide emergency coverage, 24/7. We aim to be with you within the hour.